Marketing Communications Integration Challenge

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What is the major challenge facing the marketing communications industry?

Integration of various marketing communication activities

What does IMC stand for in the context of marketing?

Integrated Marketing Communications

According to Moriarty (1994), what does a totally integrated communications program do?

Accounts for all types of messages delivered at every stakeholder contact point

How should Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) deliver messages about an organization and its products?

Clear and consistent messages

What does IMC emphasize when it comes to brand messages?

Common brand understanding and passion, not standardized message

How does Kotler (2003) define IMC?

A way of looking at the whole marketing process from the viewpoint of the customer

What is the concept of metasystem as described in the text?

A system where the parts operate independently and in unison.

When can the origins of IMC as an academic focus be traced back to?

Early 1990s

Who do industry observers contend was crucial in the genesis of IMC around 40 years before the early 1990s?

Leo Burnett

What is a principal contention of the paper regarding the field of IMC?

The need to adopt a set of conventions and terms representing IMC.

According to Schultz and Kitchen (2000a), what is expected in the natural course of discussing IMC?

Expectation for debate oscillation before finding less contentious paths.

What is one term NOT used to describe IMC according to the text?

'Siloed Communication'

Explore the concept of marketing communications as the 'face' of an organization that interacts with audiences formally and informally, internally and externally. Learn about the major challenge of integration faced by the industry to ensure cohesion among various marketing activities.

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