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Market Trends

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is based on trendspotting but it extends this into developing future scenario

A change that is affected with factor of duration and only exists in a short period. It attracts the large population in a very small amount of time but also lose the attention quickly.

A pattern or direction in the way something is changing and it has a more lasting effect on the market place.

A person who start a trend. The individual acts or the event has attracted attention, earned acceptance, and create a strong interest and influence on people whose number keeps snowballing as day goes by.

refers to “the study of trends and the way they develop and affect society (Rehn and Lindkvist)

Little things that happen all around us all the time, the tiny shifts that occur in everything from clothes we wear and the snacks we eat to the way we work, play, and love.

a hunt for those things that will become popular before they are popular

process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize mutual goals

give 5 Essential Characteristics of Trend and Fad

Aggregated microtrends or more sweeping changes that are affecting society

they are a larger pattern of broad trends that reshape and transform our lives.

so general that they affect most areas of human life or, at least more than one aspect of life or more than one in dustry



Explore the concept of patterns and directions in market changes, and their lasting effects on the marketplace. Test your knowledge on market trends with this quiz.

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