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Which management style is characterized by following company rules and regulations, showing loyalty, and being logical and practical?


Which management style avoids decision-making to prevent mistakes and values personal status highly?

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Which management style is primarily driven by extreme personal ambition and the desire to climb the corporate ladder?


Which management style is more likely to resolve conflicts by referring to company rules rather than through effective communication?


Which management style is more inclined to recognize achievements in others and acknowledge them?

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Which management style often considers themselves as 'father or mother figures' within the company?

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Which type of managers prioritize personal advancement and learning from staff, even if it comes at the staff's expense?


What is the main characteristic of Generals according to the text?

They exhibit energy and rule manipulatively

What is a common trait of Nice Guys as described in the text?

More interested in being liked than achieving targets

Which type of managers are sociable, work extremely hard, and push themselves and their subordinates to achieve tasks?


What distinguishes Bosses from other types of managers based on the text?

Operate in an administrative mode

Which type of managers value status mainly as a sign of seniority and for the luxury associated with it?


Test your knowledge on the Administrator management style that focuses on following company rules and regulations strictly, prioritizing loyalty to the organization, and relying on official communication channels. Learn about their characteristics and approach to problem-solving and conflict resolution.

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