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Which principle focuses on dividing a big task into smaller, more manageable tasks?

Which principle emphasizes the right to give orders and make decisions?

Which principle focuses on ensuring that everyone behaves appropriately and the work environment remains organized and productive?

Which principle states that each employee should receive orders from only one superior or boss?

Which principle ensures that all activities within an organization are directed toward common goals or objectives?

Which principle emphasizes concentrating decision-making authority at the top levels of management?

Which principle focuses on arranging resources and activities in an organized and structured way to promote efficiency?

Which principle defines the formal chain of authority and communication in an organization, illustrating the flow of information from the top to the bottom and vice versa?

Which principle focuses on putting the overall success of the group or organization above personal interests?

Which principle refers to the compensation or payment that employees receive for their work?


Test your understanding of management principles with this quiz. Learn about concepts like division of work and authority and reinforce your knowledge of key principles in management.

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