Management Chapter Learning Objectives

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What are the four basic management functions in organizations?

What do managers need to be successful?

What is the scope of management in organizations?

What is the nature of management?

What are the basic managerial roles played by managers?

What does the new workplace emerging in organizations today characterize?

What inspired Reed Hastings to start Netflix?

What was the initial business model of Netflix when it launched in 1998?

What was the primary innovation of Netflix when it launched in April 1998?

What did Netflix introduce to its customers in 1999 to shift from pay-per-rental plans to subscription plans?

What does the 'queue' refer to in the context of Netflix?

What did Reed Hastings realize about the gym's business model during his workout?

What percentage of users renewed on a paid basis after trying the no-cost subscription plan?

'Having unlimited due dates and no late fees' worked in a powerful way for Netflix because it emphasized:

'Enhancing customer convenience, even when combined with cost savings,' often gives a company:

What did Reed Hastings realize about Blockbuster's late fee policy?


Test your understanding of the learning objectives from the management chapter. Evaluate your knowledge of management nature, functions, types of managers, and managerial roles.

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