LPPMS REVIEWER LESSON 1: Language in a Global World Diversity in Education

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What is the meaning of diversity?

Involving people from a range of different backgrounds

Why is growing acceptance and diminishing discrimination important in diverse environments?

It helps everyone get along better and reduces unfair treatment

How does diversity contribute to becoming a global citizen?

By learning from people with different backgrounds and understanding the world better

How does diversity impact student performance in education?

It creates a supportive environment where everyone can succeed

What does diversity bring to life experiences?

Excitement and fuller experiences

Why does diversity spark creativity?

It's like having a variety of colors to paint with

What is the primary means of communication for humans?

All of the above

Which type of language is like chatting with friends, relaxed, and doesn't follow strict rules?

Colloquial language

What is Lingua Franca?

A bridge language for communication

What is Pidgin?

A simplified form of language for communication between different native languages

What is the purpose of combatting prejudice in the context of diverse student interaction?

To develop a better understanding of different cultures and beliefs

Why is diverse teaching faculty important?

To provide a wide range of teaching styles and approaches to cater to different students

What is the purpose of the Braille System?

For the blind community

What does 'Regional language' include?

Accents specific to certain area

What is the main characteristic of Creole?

A simplified form of language for communication between different native languages

What is the purpose of opening a book to understand a story rather than judging it by its cover as mentioned in the text?

To promote understanding and breaking down stereotypes and prejudices

Explore the importance of diversity in education and its impact on society with this lesson. Learn about the practice and significance of including people from various social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, as well as its effects on reducing discrimination and promoting acceptance.

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