Leukocytes: The White Blood Cells

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What is the primary function of platelets in the blood?

Stopping bleeding through coagulation

What is the role of White Blood Cells (WBC) in the blood?

Protecting the body from external and internal threats

What is the hematocrit a measure of?

Percentage of Red Blood Cells in blood

What causes blood to be a brighter red color?

The reaction of hemoglobin with oxygen

What is the main function of erythrocytes?

Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide

What is the main role of albumin?

Transport of fatty acids and steroid hormones

What are the three types of globulins?

Alpha, beta, gamma

Where does hemopoiesis occur?

Red marrow in bones

What is the function of erythropoietin?

Stimulate erythrocyte production

What is the main function of thrombopoietin?

Develop megakaryocytes into platelets

Where do B cells mature?

Bone marrow

What is the purpose of the drug RhoGAM?

To prevent Rh negative people from developing Rh antibodies

What is the most common form of anemia?

Iron deficient anemia

What is the role of antibodies in the ABO blood group system?

To determine whether an individual has A, B, both A and B antigens, or no antigen on their erythrocytes

What causes polycythemia?

Dehydration and resulting drop in plasma levels

Why is blood type O negative called the universal donor in emergencies?

Because it has no preformed antibodies in the body

What is the role of a reticulocyte?

An immature form of erythrocyte

In which blood group system is the Rh D antigen relevant?

Rh blood group system

What can lead to insufficient absorption of vitamin B12 or folate?

Celiac disease

Which organ can generate formed elements through extramedullary hemopoiesis?


What is the main function of leukocytes?

Protecting the body

Which type of leukocyte intensifies inflammation like mast cells?


What is the role of B cells in the immune system?

Producing antibodies

What can result from too many platelets in the blood?


What is the function of von Willebrand factor in the blood clotting process?

Securing the clot plug

Which of the following is true about thrombocytopenia?

It leads to uncontrolled bleeding

What is the function of thrombus in the blood vessels?

Resisting blood flow

Which pathway of coagulation is quicker and caused by trauma?

Extrinsic pathway

Study Notes

Blood Composition and Function

  • Platelets' primary function is to form blood clots and stop bleeding.
  • White Blood Cells (WBCs) function to protect the body against infection and disease.

Blood Cells

  • Erythrocytes (red blood cells) main function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the body's tissues.
  • Hematocrit measures the percentage of red blood cells in the blood.

Blood Proteins

  • Albumin's main function is to regulate blood pressure and transport substances in the blood.
  • Globulins are divided into three types: alpha, beta, and gamma globulins.

Blood Cell Production

  • Hemopoiesis occurs in the bone marrow, where blood cells are produced.
  • Erythropoietin stimulates the production of red blood cells.
  • Thrombopoietin stimulates the production of platelets.

Immune System

  • B cells mature in the bone marrow and play a crucial role in the immune system.
  • RhoGAM is a drug that prevents an immune response in Rh-negative mothers.

Anemia and Blood Disorders

  • The most common form of anemia is iron deficiency anemia.
  • Polycythemia is caused by an overproduction of red blood cells.

Blood Types and Compatibility

  • In the ABO blood group system, antibodies play a crucial role in determining blood type.
  • Blood type O negative is called the universal donor in emergencies because it can be transfused to anyone regardless of their blood type.

Reticulocytes and Leukocytes

  • Reticulocytes are immature red blood cells that mature into erythrocytes.
  • Leukocytes, also known as white blood cells, function to protect the body against infection and disease.
  • Eosinophils intensify inflammation like mast cells.

Coagulation and Clotting

  • Von Willebrand factor plays a crucial role in the blood clotting process.
  • Thrombocytopenia is a condition characterized by low platelet levels.
  • A thrombus is a blood clot that forms in a blood vessel.
  • The extrinsic pathway of coagulation is quicker and caused by trauma.

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