Lesson 2: Elements of Trends and Types of Trend

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What are micro-trends considered to be in relation to megatrends and macro-trends?

Children of macro-trends and nephews of megatrends

What is the primary reason for the diversity and rapid succession of micro-trends?

They are directly focused on addressing consumer needs

Which of the following is NOT a category into which micro-trends can be segmented?

Health and wellness innovations

What fundamental elements are mentioned as bringing about trends?

Human Needs, Drivers of Change, and Innovation

How do human needs contribute to the formation of trends?

By motivating people to create positive human interactions

What role do innovations play in leading to trends?

They fuel adaptation and convergence towards new ideas

What is a key element of a trend related to the number of participants?

The number of participants starts with an individual and increases over time.

Which of the following is a characteristic of Megatrends?

They have a long-lasting impact on various aspects of life.

How do Macro-trends relate to Megatrends?

Macro-trends follow and are influenced by Megatrends.

What can be considered as the starting point for a trend?

An idea, technology, event, or person.

How does a trend differ from a fad?

Trends last for decades whereas fads disappear quickly.

What is the purpose of analyzing Macro-trends?

To look at certain regions and specific target audiences.

Explore the emergence of trends and patterns, focusing on elements of trends, different types of trends, and the causes and consequences behind them. Learn about the number of participants, the pattern of behavior, the length of time, and the causes that bring about trends.

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