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(PBA Question) How many days notice must the city give an employee prior to laying them off?

An absence without pay ("AWP") is an authorized absence for any part of a work day which is approved in writing by the immediate supervisor. AWP is approved by supervisor only for EMERGENCY use. An absence without pay is only to be administered on an EMERGENCY basis. It may not be used to cover tardiness nor when an employee has accrued annual leave.

AWP can be used for an employee who will be tardy or wishes to leave early on vacation and does not want to use annual time.

The Detective Clothing Allowance is _____________.

The immediate family is defined as spouse, son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents, granddaughter, grandson or any other member of the employee's immediate household. For domestic partnerships, this shall include the equivalent immediate family as listed herein.

Maximum time off for immediate family member bereavement (Paid funeral leave) is ___ days. ___ extra days may be taken and deducted from the employee's annual or sick leave for a total of ___ days.

On a timely basis and at the Discretion of the Division or Bureau Commander, supervisors will conduct formal inspections at least ____________.

Juveniles meeting Baker Act criteria will not be accepted by the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). The juvenile will be taken to the Children’s Crisis Center and the Criminal Report Affidavit is to be left with the Children’s Crisis Center in the event the child is Baker Acted. The Children’s Crisis Center will then contact the originating agency for transport to the J.A.C. when the evaluation is completed.

Unless extenuating circumstances prohibit, any juvenile in custody of this Department who is suffering from a physical injury or illness shall be taken to Tampa General Hospital (TGH) for treatment.

Any juvenile taken into custody by the Department that appears to be heavily under the influence of alcoholic beverages, or to be suffering from a drug overdose, will be considered as suffering from a physical illness and shall be taken to _____ for treatment.

In non-emergency situation, in which a child who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may be delivered and released to the detoxification center of the Agency for Community Treatment Services (A.C.T.S.), 8620 N. Dixon Avenue, or taken to Tampa General Hospital for treatment.

(SOP 313.1) Upon the officer’s arrival at TGH or (A.C.T.S.), or as soon as possible, the child’s parents or legal guardian shall be notified. If the charge against the child is such that the child can be released into the custody of the parents or guardian, every effort should be made to do so.

If the child does not require hospitalization and cannot be released into the custody of a parent, guardian, or responsible adult, the officer will contact Detention Screening via telephone. The case manager will assist in placement of the child.

“Family violence” is eligible for JAAP at the discretion of law enforcement based on the nature and circumstance surrounding the offense, the potential threat to community safety, the safety and welfare of the victim and victim's family, and subject to the availability of appropriate shelter placement.

A juvenile may be referred to the JAAP for multiple eligible misdemeanor offenses arising out of a single incident. Prior traffic offenses shall not preclude a juvenile from participating in JAAP unless it is a listed exclusion.

If the arrest of a juvenile under the age of 12 is being considered, the officer must consult with a _________ or higher to discuss other options, giving preference to the JAAP program.

If the officer believes that a qualifying juvenile should not be diverted due to material and immediate community safety concerns, the officer must receive supervisory approval prior to arrest. The officer shall document in the narrative of the CRA and in the Case Summary the reason why the youth was not referred to the JAAP.

Parental consent is not required for participation in the JAAP.

If a juvenile has been accepted by JAC and is being processed for secure detention and has a medical emergency, the senior screener or designee will notify TPD to request a unit to follow the EMS transport vehicle to the _________________.

The mother of a child born out of wedlock is the natural guardian of the child. That means she has sole custody rights and responsibilities against all other people including the father. This remains true regardless of the listing of the father on the birth certificate. If the father wants legal rights with the child he must go to court and obtain custody orders establishing paternity and visitation/custody rights. If the alleged father (in the absence of custody papers) takes the child from the mother and refuses to return the child, an Interference with Child Custody case shall be initiated.

If the issue of legal custody is questionable, the child will be left in the physical custody of the person claiming legal custody who had physical custody of the child prior to police involvement, if a reasonable probability exists that the child could belong with that person and the safety and welfare of the child are assured. TPD will not interfere with child custody in these cases unless danger to kid.

The investigating officer will immediately attempt to make a determination that the child involved in the custody dispute is safe and which person has legal custody of the child. If the issue of legal custody is not questionable, the child will be left in the physical custody of the person having legal custody unless there is a danger to the child.

Extension of Search: The officer must not extend the search after seizure of the item(s) in plain view without a warrant or some other exception to the warrant requirement.

Narcotics Laws Being Violated: An affidavit does not establish probable cause for issuance of a warrant under provision when it only alleges that marijuana was observed growing on the property SURROUNDING the residence and does not allege that a violation of the narcotics law existed WITHIN the residence.

Unless the hotel operator at the time of the request to vacate tenders any entitled refund for the unused portion of an advance payment to the guest, officers are not justified in arresting a guest for violation of unlawfully remaining in a public lodging or public food service establishment.

For Fourth Amendment purposes a public lodging establishment is considered a private dwelling where the occupant is legally there, has paid for the room, and has not been asked to leave.

Once an officer determines a guest is subject to arrest, an officer must arrest the person prior to physical removal from the hotel establishment.

Supervisors will perform random checks using performance software, at least _____ recordings per squad per month, on all body worn camera recording systems assigned to their squads.

Once a scene is stabilized and if there are numerous officers assigned to the scene who have assigned BWC devices activated, it is recommended the Supervisor evaluate each officer with the devices activated to ascertain if there is any value to what is being recorded. If there is no investigative value, the supervisor should instruct the officers on the video to deactivate their video with the reasoning for this request. The officer should immediately deactivate the video. This will help prevent unnecessary accumulation of video that has no value to the case.

Primary purpose to reviewing car video is to prevent bad behavior and tactics that lead to bad consequences.

Squad sergeants will inspect the assigned vehicles at least _______________ and check for cleanliness, working order of equipment, and compliance with scheduled maintenance.

Employees desiring transfer from their present division to another will document their request in letterform addressed to the Chief of Police, attention to the Major of the Support Services Division, in an original and three copies. The letter will be submitted to the employee's immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor will attach a cover letter stating why he believes the request should or should not be considered.

DISCUSSION: The EIP will be based on a set of performance indicators within a “real time” ___-day interval. As an employee reaches a certain threshold of any of the performance indicators, an alert is made to the program facilitator on that employee. The program is designed to be used as a resource to assist supervisory personnel in evaluating and guiding employees to perform at their best level.

The EIP will be facilitated by the Professional Standards Bureau.

Upon an EIP being generated, a notification letter will be routed to the appropriate division commander for distribution to the immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor shall analyze the incidents that have been identified and shall meet with the employee for the purpose of discussing the reasons for the qualification for the review. A Command Review in the form of a Report Summary shall be initiated and authored by the immediate supervisor.

Supervisors will initiate a mandatory _________ meeting with the employee and discuss the incidents that gave rise to being identified in the EIP. Further, supervisors will make every effort to determine, during this meeting, if there are other factors affecting the employee’s job performance.

Formal discipline includes oral admonishments, letters of counseling, written reprimands, suspensions, demotions, and dismissal.

If promoted, an officer will receive ____ hours of training and ____ hours of mentoring.

Shift bid and job duties are bases on __________ seniority

When a vehicle is grossly contaminated, a deadline slip will be completed noting the area in need of decontamination, and a biohazardous sticker will be affixed to the front windshield and the driver’s side window of the vehicle to clearly identify the vehicle as contaminated. (Do not place the sticker on a painted surface.)

To receive compensation while absent or sick, the employee shall notify their immediate supervisor or their bureau or division commander not less than ________ prior to their scheduled reporting time.

Field training officers receive an extra $______ a month. FTO's assigned to the Field Training Squad that have eight (8) or more years of service shall receive a special payment of $______ per month.

Three or more unsatisfactory evaluations served on the employee in one month is considered incompetence.

McGregor believed that many management acts rested on their assumptions and beliefs about how workers behave. Theory X and Theory Y are polar opposite characterizations of those assumptions and beliefs.

The principal task of management in a Theory X police department is control. In a Theory Y department, it is supporting subordinates by giving them the resources to do their jobs and creating an environment where they can be self-controlling, mature, contributing, and self-actualizing—within the context of the agency’s mission and goals.

American police departments have historically been dominated by Theory ___ assumptions. Even police departments with progressive national images can be experienced as tightly controlling environments by the people who actually work in them.

The grapevine can be considered desirable because it gives management insight into employees’ attitudes, provides a safety valve for employees’ emotions, and helps spread useful information.

Dysfunctional traits of the grapevine include its tendencies to spread rumors and untruths, its lack of responsibility to any group or person, and its uncontrollability.

Attributes of the grapevine—its speed and influence—may work either to the good or to the detriment of the organization.

No visible necklaces while in uniform.

Supervisors will review all paper traffic citations issued by officers under their command and ensure the citations are ___________________. Paper citations will be turned in to the officer’s division CSO by the end of shift for processing.

Reasonable suspicion is needed to drug test an employee.

The maximum amount of officers a sgt. can supervise is 11.

A unit that reports to a sgt that reports to a shift commander is a "Squad".

If the grievance is not settled in the first step, with the immediate supervisor, and the aggrieved employee desires to appeal the decision in the first step, then within _________ calendar days of the date of the answer in the first step, the grievance shall be presented by the employee to the appropriate Division Commander (or designee).

In Step One (1) grievances, the complaint will be made directly to the

If an employee wishes to grieve something in step 1, they must submit the complaint in writing on the appropriate form within _____ days. The supervisor has ______ days to respond.

If the employee was not happy with the decision in grievance step one and wishes to appeal, then within ____ days of the answer from step one, the employee shall submit the grievance to the appropriate division commander or designee.

Step 2 grievances are presented to ________________. If the employee works directly for an assistant chief, then the grievance will go to them. If the employee works directly for the chief, the employee will skip to Step 3 and grieve it to them.

The Division Commander shall review the facts concerning the alleged grievance and shall, within ________ calendar days following receipt of the written grievance meet with the aggrieved employee. The aggrieved employee at their option may be accompanied at this meeting by PBA representation. The Division Commander (or designee) shall notify the employee of their decision in writing not later than ________ calendar days following the meeting date.

Step 3 Grievance - If the grievance is not settled at the second step and the aggrieved employee desires to appeal the decision in the second step, then within _________ calendar days of the date of notification from the Division Commander (or designee), the written grievance shall be presented by the employee to the Chief of Police through the appropriate Assistant Chief.

In the Step 3 Grievance - The Chief of Police shall review the facts concerning the alleged grievance and shall, within _______ calendar days following receipt of the written grievance, meet with the aggrieved employee. The aggrieved employee at their option may be accompanied at this meeting by PBA representation. The Chief of Police (or designee) shall notify the aggrieved employee of their decision in writing not later than ______ calendar days following the meeting date.

Step 4. If the grievance is still unresolved and the aggrieved employee desires to appeal the decision in the third step, the employee shall submit the grievance and all responses to the Director of Human Resources (or designee) within __________ calendar days of the date of the response from the Chief of Police (or designee).

In Step 4 of the Grievance process, the appeal is submitted by the employee to ________________________.

In Step 4 of the Grievance procedure - Within ________ calendar days of the date of submission to the Director of Human Resources of the grievance, the Director of Human Resources (or designee) shall meet with the aggrieved employee to discuss the grievance. The aggrieved employee, at their option, may be accompanied at this meeting by PBA representation. The Director of Human Resources (or designee) shall then notify the aggrieved employee of the decision in writing within __________ calendar days of the date of the meeting.

In regards to the Grievance Procedure - Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to prevent any employee from presenting, at any time, their own grievances in person or by legal counsel, to the City and having such grievances adjusted without the intervention of the PBA, if the adjustment is not inconsistent with the terms of this collective bargaining agreement and if the PBA has been given reasonable opportunity to be present at any meeting called for the resolution of such grievances, provided however, that the PBA shall retain exclusively its right to appeal grievances to final and binding arbitration.

In the event that the grievance is unresolved, the matter shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration.

IF the employee moves through the grievance procedure and wishes to arbitrate, within _______ calendar days of the date of the decision of the Director of Human Resources, the PBA shall notify the Director of Human Resources of the intent to arbitrate.

Once notifying the city of the intent to arbitrate, the PBA shall request a list of arbitrators within ________ calendar days.

The City and the PBA shall select the arbitrator from a list of not less than ______ names submitted by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) within twenty-one (21) calendar days from receipt of said list.

When the city and the PBA select from the list of arbitrators, the selection shall be made by alternately striking names and the remaining name shall be the arbitrator.

The PBA and the City shall alternate striking the first name from the list every other arbitration. The PBA shall provide payment of the FMCS filing fee. In the event that the parties mutually agree, before any striking of names occurs, that the list of arbitrators is unsatisfactory, a new panel may be requested.

As promptly as can be arranged but not more than ________ calendar days unless mutually agreed by the City and the PBA, the arbitration hearing shall be held.

Failure by Management to observe time limits for any step of the grievance procedure shall result in automatic advancement of the grievance to the next step. However, the grieving employee or the PBA must notify the next step that the time limit has expired resulting in an appeal to the next step.

If the City fails to respond within the time limits specified with respect to Step 4, the City will forfeit the grievance, however, such forfeiture shall not be considered as a decision on the merits of the grievance or in any way establish a precedent. Calendar days shall not include designated City holidays.

All unit members shall, in any matter involving suspension or dismissal, have the option of utilizing the Civil Service Appeal procedure or this grievance procedure, but not both. The employee shall select the process to be used on the form provided at the time of the filing of the grievance. The employee may have the right to be represented by a PBA representative and shall have the right to be represented by any other person of the employee's choice before the Civil Service Board.

Grievances regarding written reprimands, suspensions, demotions, or dismissals shall enter the grievance procedure at the ________ step.

Grievances regarding oral admonishments and letters of counseling, authored by a Captain or above, shall enter the grievance process at the ________ step.

The PBA may act as the representative of the employee at any step of the grievance procedure.

Use of force will be documented by end of shift.

Anti-Idling Requirements: Unless an exception exists, department employees shall not permit a vehicle’s engine to idle (operate the engine while the vehicle is not in motion) for more than ________ in any one (1) hour period.

Exceptions: Idling is permitted only when the vehicle is required to remain motionless for the following:

  1. An emergency;
  2. Protection of a city laptop computer;
  3. Motor traffic has stopped at an official traffic control device; and or
  4. Participating in an authorized parade or special event.

Calls reporting domestic violence in progress or having just occurred shall NOT be cancelled for ANY reason prior to the arrival at the scene and initial investigation by responding officers.

The decision to arrest and charge shall not require the consent of the victim. A Complaint Withdrawal will not be accepted in domestic violence cases.

Officers will not issue TPD Form 596, Assault Victim Instructions Form, to domestic violence victims.

If the officer has probable cause to believe that a criminal violation of an injunction has occurred, but the respondent is not present upon the officer’s arrival, the officer shall complete a report and a Criminal Report Affidavit. The probable cause portion of the CRA will reflect specifically which section of the injunction was violated. The affidavit will be used to place a misdemeanor probable cause pick-up for the respondent. The case will be referred.

The petitioner CAN NOT be arrested or charged for violating their own injunction under any circumstances. The injunction remains in full force against the respondent under any and all circumstances unless removed by the courts.

Absent emergency or special circumstances approved by a supervisor, a vehicle equipped with a protective divider will be used when transporting all prisoners.

All prisoners/detainees and passengers will be secured in the transporting vehicle by use of seatbelt (if so equipped) to prevent injury to the individual. Extenuating circumstances may exist which prevent the safe application of the seat belt to the prisoner/detainee. Such specific circumstances may include:

Officers will obtain supervisory approval prior to placing a "hold" on the Digital Impounded Vehicle Report.

All MISDEMEANOR searches will be approved by the K-9 supervisor or in their absence a supervisor possessing at least the rank of LT.

Purpose of DORS (Desktop Officer Reporting System) – allows citizens to quickly and easily file minor incident reports or report suspicious activated over the internet without having to wait for a police officer to be dispatched.

The preferred method for citizens to provide supplemental information to reports, such as additional stolen property or suspect information, will be through the DORS online reporting system.

At no time will the DORS system be utilized when a citizen requests the presence of a police officer, when there is evidence that could lead to the identity of the suspect, or a crime is in progress.

Employees or the PBA shall not be eligible to file grievances regarding pending file entries except when the pending file entry is the result of a sustained IA investigation.

Any Police Department Rule or Regulation, Standard Operating Procedure, Policy, Training Bulletin, Special or General Order, or other directive, determined by the parties to be in conflict with this Agreement shall be of no force and effect.

Help the weak and disadvantaged in legal proceedings is Advocacy.

If court is cancelled and you’re already on your way, how much OT will you receive?

Officers who initially decline a department-issued vest may subsequently request a vest __________?

Promoted employees will be on probation for ____ months.

The formal interrogation of the employee, including all recess periods, shall be recorded on audio tape, or otherwise preserved in such a manner as to allow a transcript to be prepared, and there shall be no unrecorded questions or statements.

Employees who are assigned to an irregular work schedule shall also be eligible for shift premium pay for shifts which meet the eligibility requirements of this Article.

Duty to Intervene: Officers who recognize an excessive response to resistance by other officer(s) have a duty to intervene for the purpose of preventing or stopping such action when they have the ability to do so.


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