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What are the key functions of language?

What evidence supports the idea that the capacity for language is innate?

What features define a true language?

Briefly explain the interactionist hypothesis of language development.

What are the five spiritual/religious orientations among grade 11 & 12 students?

What is the main difference between Elkind’s and Fowler’s stages of spiritual development/faith formation?

What characterizes Elkind’s 'Personal Connection' stage of faith development?

What is the main outcome for teens of developing an active spirituality and/or being actively part of a religion?

What are the major strategies and challenges in studying perceptual development in children?

What are the basic perceptual capacities of newborns?

What are the major concepts in Piaget’s theory of cognitive development?

What are the major concepts in Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development?

What does creativity in children look like?

What is the virtue that adolescents should develop according to Erik Erikson?

At what stage of moral development do individuals make judgments based on tangible punitive or rewarding consequences of an act?

What is one of the critiques of Kohlberg's theory of moral development?

According to Carol Gilligan, what is one of the biases in Kohlberg's theory?

What did Carol Gilligan propose as an alternative to Kohlberg's theory of moral development?

What did research show about the relationship between moral reasoning and moral behavior?

At what stage of moral reasoning are individuals more likely to act in a morally principled manner?

When given the opportunity to cheat, what percentage of university students who employed postconventional moral reasoning cheated?

At what stage of moral development do most adults settle?

At what stage of moral development are moral judgments based on a desire to gain approval or to uphold laws that maintain social order?

What is the goal of adolescence according to Erik Erikson?

What is the ability that adolescents should develop according to Erik Erikson?

At what age do more complex emotions such as guilt, embarrassment, and pride become evident?

Why did developmental psychologists move away from Chess and Thomas’ three basic patterns of temperament?

What does the concept of 'goodness of fit' refer to in child development?

What did Tronick’s “Still Face” experiment demonstrate about infants?

What major systems govern and help regulate emotions?

At what age does empathy emerge spontaneously?

What is attachment in child development more than?

What does having a secure attachment figure enable a child to do?

What is the Strange Situation an informative measure of in child development?

What influences the quality of parenting and childcare in relation to children's secure attachments?

What does phonology involve?

What does syntax involve?

What is the universal sequence of language acquisition?

When does language comprehension develop in children?

How do children learn new words through fast mapping?

What are some errors children may make during the holophrastic phase?

How can more knowledgeable others support language development in children?

What is the impact of learning multiple languages on vocabulary?

When is early exposure to languages important for retaining phonemic distinctions?

What do cochlear implants provide access to?

What do deaf individuals advocate for in terms of access?

How can emotional and self-concept development be assessed?


Language Development in Children

  • Phonology involves the set of sounds used in a language, while morphology involves the meaningful combinations of these sounds.
  • Semantics deals with meaningful units such as words and phrases, syntax involves the rules guiding word combinations, and pragmatics includes sociolinguistic knowledge and nonverbal signals.
  • The universal sequence of language acquisition starts with prelingual stage where infants produce sounds, coo, and babble, then understand turn-taking and use preverbal gestures before comprehending language and developing vocabulary.
  • Language comprehension develops before expressive language, with children initially uttering single words and then progressing to simple sentences.
  • Children learn new words through fast mapping and may make errors such as overextension and underextension during the holophrastic phase, and overregularization during the telegraphic phase.
  • More knowledgeable others can support language development through turn-taking, modeling, and engaging in conversation with children.
  • Learning multiple languages initially slows acquisition and limits vocabulary, but ultimately provides cognitive and sociocultural benefits.
  • Early exposure to languages is important for retaining phonemic distinctions, and children learn sign language more easily before puberty.
  • Cochlear implants provide access to the speaking/hearing world but may limit access to sign language and require significant rehabilitation and training.
  • Deaf individuals advocate for good access to both sign and speech, and support for deaf institutions and organizations.
  • To check learning on emotional development, it is best to refer to the learning objectives and respond to the questions at the end of each module.
  • Emotional and self-concept development can be assessed by responding to the questions at the end of each module in the study material.


Test your knowledge of language development in children with this quiz. Explore topics such as phonology, morphology, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics. Learn about the universal sequence of language acquisition, language comprehension, vocabulary development, bilingualism, and the impact of cochlear implants. Assess your understanding of emotional and self-concept development in children.

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