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What does the composite definition of LANGUAGE suggest about the symbols used in language?

They are primarily vocal, but may also be visual

What is the suggested field of specialization for the category 'phonetics; phonology; writing systems'?

The role of gesture, distance, eye contact, and other 'paralinguistic' features of language

What does the composite definition suggest about the acquisition of language by all people?

It is acquired in the same way by all people

What does the category 'communication systems; speaker-hearer interaction; sentence processing' mainly deal with?

Sentence processing; communication systems; speaker-hearer interaction

What does the composite definition suggest about the symbols in language?

They have conventionalized meanings to which they refer

What does the structuralist view of language suggest?

Language can be dismantled into small pieces or units that can be described scientifically.

What did Charles Osgood reinstate in verbal behavior?

Representational mediation process

What did B.F. Skinner believe about verbal behavior?

The speaker is merely the focus of verbal behavior, not the cause.

What is a focus of verbal behavior?

Conscious focus on events outside the organism

What was the task of the linguist according to the structuralists?

To describe human languages and identify their structural characteristics

Test your knowledge about language acquisition, learners' characteristics, linguistic factors, learning processes, age and acquisition, instructional variables, context, and the purpose of language. Explore the composite definitions of language, including its systematic nature, use of arbitrary symbols, and its role in communication.

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