Labour Legislation Administration in India

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What is the purpose of labour legislation in India?

Which act is specifically related to the regulation of working conditions?

What is one of the purposes of labour laws mentioned in the text?

Which act deals with social security for employees in India?

What is the legislative coverage of labour laws in India?

What is the purpose of the Central Industrial Relations Machinery?

What does the Labour Administration primarily focus on?

Which Act among the listed legislations deals with the prohibition and regulation of child labour?

What is the importance of understanding terms like 'factory', 'establishment', and 'industry' in labour laws?

Which body enforces labour laws and rules related to Contract Labour?


Study and understand the central and state labour legislations in India, focusing on the classification of major pieces of legislations relevant to the industry. Explore a logical framework and scheme for easy access to the main provisions of labour laws.

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