2.1The Pre-Revolutionary Period and the Roots of the American Political Tradition WS

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What action did the colonists believe they had the right to take when the government becomes oppressive?

Alter or abolish the government.

What did Thomas Jefferson accuse the British monarch of in the text?

Taxing the colonists without their elected representatives' consent.

Why did the colonists sign the Declaration of Independence as mentioned in the text?

To establish a new form of government.

What was the significance of the founders' commitment to creating a new kind of government?

They wanted to establish a democratic and self-governing system.

What did the founders believe was their right if the British monarch abused his power?

To alter or abolish the oppressive government.

What were the God-given rights, according to John Locke's ideas?

Life, liberty, and property

Which document signed by King John in 1215 included protections for life, liberty, and property?

Magna Carta

Who was the most significant influence on American beliefs about government?

John Locke

Which seventeenth-century English philosopher's writings form the basis for many modern political ideas?

John Locke

What did the British government recognize as its duty long before the settling of North American colonies?

Protecting lives, liberties, and property of English citizens

What term did Locke use to refer to the agreement between a people and their government?

Social contract

What action did Locke suggest people could take if the government abused its power?

Withdraw their consent to obey

What was an important factor in the American colonies' decision to declare independence from England in 1776?

Government depriving people of liberties

What did establishing a new government for the colonists involve?

Limiting government power over citizens' lives

What core tenet of American political thought is closely related to limiting government power?

Belief in self-governance

What foundational principles of the U.S. Constitution can be traced back to Magna Carta?

Due process and trial by jury

Who was intended to receive protections under the original Magna Carta in 1215?

English barons

What is the key difference between rights granted by the English king and those described by Locke?

Rights granted by God cannot be revoked

What event led to the removal of King James II during the seventeenth century?

The Glorious Revolution

Why was King James II particularly disliked during his reign before the Glorious Revolution?

He was Roman Catholic

Test your knowledge on John Locke's theory regarding the social contract between government and its people. Explore how Locke proposed that people consent to government in exchange for protection of their rights and what happens if the government abuses its power.

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