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Erik Erikson expanded on Freud's theory of psychosexual development by emphasizing the importance of __________ in parenting practices and motivations.

Erik Erikson believed that throughout life, we are aware of what motivates us and that the ego plays a significant role in guiding our actions over the Id. Which of the following best describes this belief?

In Erikson's psychosocial theory, how many stages of adult development did he add to Freud's theory of psychosexual development?

According to Erikson's theory, during which stage is an infant required to have their basic needs met consistently to develop trust in the world?

In which stage of Erikson's psychosocial theory do preschoolers like to initiate activities and emphasize independence?

Which of the following best describes the concept of Industry vs. Inferiority in Erikson's psychosocial theory?

Which scientist believed that the survival of the fittest leads to the passing on of superior genes?

Which term describes the process that favors individuals more adapted to survive and reproduce within a species?

Who believed that intelligence is mainly a function of sensory acuity and can be inherited?

Which concept involves the idea of selective breeding for desired traits in humans?

Which factor did Alphonse de Candolle emphasize as important for intelligence apart from inherited capacity?

Which type of twins are used in modern studies for comparing behavioral similarities?

What oral activities might an adult engage in to seek comfort and security?

In the Anal Stage according to Freud's Psychosexual Stages, what is the child learning?

What might be a characteristic of someone fixated in the Anal Stage due to extremely controlling caregivers?

What might an adult who is 'anal expulsive' be like according to Freud's theory?

What consequence might arise if a caregiver neglects to teach a child to control urges during the Anal Stage?

What stage in Freud's Psychosexual Stages is associated with toddlerhood and potty-training?

According to Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory, at what stage do children begin to think abstractly and reason about hypothetical problems?

Which stage in Piaget's theory involves children realizing that things continue to exist even when they cannot be seen?

What is a characteristic of the Preoperational Stage in Piaget's theory?

Which stage is associated with the understanding of conservation in Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory?

During which stage do children realize that their actions can cause things to happen in the world around them?

What is a characteristic of the Formal Operational Stage in Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory?

Which individual popularized the Binet scale by revising it?

What was the main flaw in equating 'heritable' with 'inevitable' regarding intelligence differences between groups?

Which psychological test was designed for illiterate individuals according to the text?

What percentage of white males tested in the army, as reported by Robert Yerkes, had a mental age of 13 or lower?

'No feeble-minded person should ever be allowed to marry or become a parent.' Who advocated for such a position according to the text?

'Blacks lack initiative, display little or no leadership, and cannot accept responsibility.' This statement reflects a belief held by which figure mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge on Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development, which suggests that children progress through four distinct stages of learning. Explore the key concepts behind Piaget's theory and understand how children acquire knowledge and develop intelligence.

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