Educational Psychology: Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

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What is the focus of Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development?

How children acquire knowledge

In which stage of Piaget's theory do children typically develop the ability to think logically about concrete events?

Concrete operational stage

According to Piaget, how do children adapt their existing mental structures to incorporate new information?

By undergoing accommodation

What term does Piaget use to describe the process by which children fit new information into existing mental categories?


How did Piaget believe children interact with the world around them?

As little scientists conducting experiments

What age range corresponds to the Preoperational stage in Piaget's theory of cognitive development?

Ages 2 to 7

According to Piaget, what is the main point of his theory of cognitive development?

Creating knowledge and intelligence is an active process

Which term from Piaget's theory involves the process of taking in new information and fitting it into existing mental schemas?


What does Piaget believe is necessary for knowing reality according to the text?

Constructing systems of transformations

How did Piaget view children in terms of knowledge acquisition?

As builders of understanding through investigation and experimentation

Which concept helps explain how children transition from one stage of thought to the next in Piaget's theory?


Who inspired Piaget's interest in the cognitive development of children?

His nephew and daughter

According to Piaget, are children's minds simply smaller versions of adult minds?

No, they are not

What did Piaget propose about the growth of intelligence?

It develops through stages

What did Piaget conclude about children's intelligence compared to adults?

They think differently, not less intelligently

According to Piaget, do older children only think more quickly than younger children?

No, there are qualitative and quantitative differences in thinking

How does Piaget describe the cognitive development of children in his stage theory?

As progressing through stages

Explore Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development in Educational Psychology. Learn about the four stages of learning according to Piaget and how children acquire knowledge and intelligence.

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