ITEC 80: User Participation in System Development

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What is the purpose of participation in the system development process?

To increase job satisfaction and task effectiveness

Which type of user refers to those who interact with the system to accomplish specific tasks or goals?

End-User (Internal)

What are the various forms of participation mentioned in the text?

Attending an event, sharing ideas, volunteering

Who are the client customer users in the context of system development?

Those who interact with the system to accomplish specific goals such as purchasing goods or services

What is the role of participation in reducing implementation and testing time?

It streamlines the implementation process

What is the purpose of early involvement of end-users and client customers in the system development process?

To provide job satisfaction and meet task effectiveness needs

Which level of participation involves no involvement in decision-making processes?

No Participation

In which level of participation do individuals or groups have significant influence and control over decision-making?

Participation by Strong Control

What aspect is critical in designing products, services, or interfaces that meet user needs and expectations?

Understanding user cognitive styles

What do differences in user cognitive styles help in designing interfaces for?

Learning styles

What preferences do users have regarding interface layouts, color schemes, and font sizes?

Interface preferences

What are some examples of user physical differences that designers should gather more information about?

Color blindness and other physical disabilities

What should designers gather more information about in terms of application domain differences?

Background of their users

What characteristic varies among users in terms of preferred ways of interacting with interfaces?

Interaction preferences

What knowledge should the designer have about the typical user to accommodate physical differences?

Color blindness and other physical disabilities

What is a critical aspect for the designer to know about their system's activities in relation to the users' business?

Knowledge of user tasks

Prepare for your ITEC 80 (Introduction to Human Computer Interaction) finals with this review of User Participation in the System Development Process. Learn about the forms of participation and the two types of users involved in computer systems.

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