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What does SC2 in the text refer to?

Storing and retrieving information

Which National Occupational Standard (NOS) is associated with dealing remotely with customer queries - Domestic?


What is the focus of the unit SSC/N9001?

Managing work to meet requirements

Which of the following is NOT a key aspect of managing work according to the text?

Storing and retrieving information

What does SC3 involve according to the text?

Identifying and referring anomalies in data

Which industry sub-sector does SSC/N3021 primarily relate to?

[OPTIONAL] Industry Sub-sector

Study Notes

IT-ITeS Helpdesk Overview

  • IT-ITeS stands for Information Technology-Information Technology enabled Services
  • Helpdesk is an entity where customers report their IT problems
  • IT Service Helpdesk Attendant is responsible for managing the helpdesk

Qualifications and Frameworks

  • OS stands for Occupational Standard(s)
  • NOS stands for National Occupational Standard(s)
  • QP stands for Qualifications Pack
  • UGC stands for University Grants Commission
  • MHRD stands for Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • MoLE stands for Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • NVEQF stands for National Vocational Education Qualifications Framework
  • NVQF stands for National Vocational Qualifications Framework
  • NSQF stands for National Skill Qualification Framework

Occupational Standard for Helpdesk

  • Scope includes statements specifying the range of variables that an individual may have to deal with in carrying out the function
  • Knowledge and Understanding include technical, generic, professional, and organisational specific knowledge required to perform to the required standard

Job Description for Customer Relationship Management

  • Occupation: Customer Relationship Management
  • Reference ID: SSC/Q2211
  • Aligned to: NCO-2015/5244.0201
  • Job role includes resolving queries and customer cases over web-chat or email
  • Personal attributes required include excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently or collaboratively

Key Skills for Helpdesk

  • Use information technology effectively to input and/or extract data accurately
  • Store and retrieve information
  • Identify and refer anomalies in data
  • Keep up-to-date with changes, procedures, and practices in the role

Test your knowledge about the IT Service Helpdesk and communication skills in the context of various job roles related to IT. Learn about managing customer IT problems and responsibilities of IT Service Helpdesk Attendants.

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