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What forced many Muslim scholars to reconsider their traditional approach to knowledge in the 19th century?

Encounters with Western imperialism

What questions were generated by the unsettling encounters with modern science in the Muslim world?

Is modern science compatible with the Islamic tradition? How should Muslims understand post-Enlightenment developments of modern science? Can any space be generated for integrating modern science with the Islamic world view?

What is the Islamisation of ʿilm approach vulnerable to, according to the chapter's conclusion?

Commodifying hegemony of capitalism

How did some Muslim scholars view modern science in the midst of encounters with Western imperialism?

As having much to offer

What did the 19th-century Islamisation discourse aim to do?

Reconsider the understanding of the world and appropriate modern science for Muslim needs

What principles are outlined at the beginning of the chapter regarding Nasr’s and Sardar’s Islamisation of science thesis?

Underlying principles

What challenge does the Islamisation of ʿilm approach face in relation to capitalism?

Commodifying hegemony

What did some Muslim scholars wonder about during the encounters with modern science?

Whether there was something wrong with their understanding of the world

What do the questions regarding modern science assume about its relation to traditional Islamic sciences?

Superiority of modern science

What did the encounters with Western imperialism lead to for Muslim scholars in the 19th century?

Reconsideration of traditional knowledge

Test your knowledge on the ethical values of Islam in relation to scientific exploration of the natural world. Explore concepts like tawḥīd (divine unity) and the ethical obligations towards understanding Allah's creation.

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