Introduction to Psychiatry NCM 117: Historical Perspective of Mental Illness Treatment

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According to Aristotle's theory in ancient times, which bodily fluids were believed to control emotions?

Blood, water, yellow bile, black bile

During Christian times (1-1000 AD), what were some common treatments for mental illness?

Exorcisms, incarcerations, flogging

In ancient times, what were some of the brutal treatments used for mental illness during the Renaissance period?

Starving, flogging, incarcerations

Which historical period saw a belief in demonic causes for mental illness?

Christian Times

What did the theory of Aristotle suggest about the relationship between bodily fluids and emotions?

Certain bodily fluids controlled emotions

During the period of Enlightenment, who believed that society was obligated to provide adequate shelter, food, and clothing for the mentally ill?

Dorothea Dix

Which drug is considered an anti-psychotic medication in the field of psychopharmacology?

Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)

In 1775, what privilege did Mary of Bethlehem have in relation to the inpatients?

Viewing the patients but with a fee

Which individual is associated with the concept of 'insane asylum'?

Dorothea Dix

Who among the following individuals was known for their contributions to the development of psychopharmacology?

Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)

Who is considered the first psychiatric nurse?

Linda Richards

Which act in 1963 led to the release of individuals from state institutions?

Community Mental Health Centers Act

Which DSM version was released in the year 2000?


Who authored the first psychiatric nursing textbook, 'Nursing Mental Diseases'?

Harriet Bailey

In what year was the DSM-III released?


Who is credited as the first Filipino child psychiatric nurse?

Magda Carolina Go Vera Llamanzares

Explore the historical perspective of the treatment of mental illness starting from ancient times, including beliefs in demonic possession, divine worship, and punishment. Learn about Aristotle's theory on the control of bodily fluids in mental disorders.

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