Introduction to Community Health Nursing Concepts

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What is the primary defining characteristic of a community according to the text?

What is the function of any community?

What term is used to refer to a group of people in a defined geographical area with common goals and objectives?

Which concept refers to the potential for members of a community to interact with one another?

What term is often used for a community that is defined by its geographic boundaries?

Which of the following is NOT a feature of a community according to the text?

What does mental health, as per the text, primarily relate to?

What is the holistic philosophy of health primarily different from, as discussed in the text?

Wellness is aimed at achieving which of the following according to the text?

What does health refer to, as defined in the text?


Test your knowledge on basic concepts of community health nursing with this quiz. Explore definitions, the health-illness continuum, and the relationship between community health perception and related health problems.

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