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What type of information presentation involves interpreting visuals, such as nutrition labels?


In the context of Suzy's persuasive speech, what is the main idea she is trying to convey?

The playground needs immediate cleaning.

Which type of information presentation involves using charts, graphs, or timelines?


From the bar graph example given, what can be inferred about the number of students playing baseball in comparison to volleyball?

More students play baseball than volleyball

Which bold term from the food label example represents the amount of fat present in the food?


Study Notes

Interpreting Information

  • Information can be presented in three common ways: visually, orally, and quantitatively.
  • Visual information uses pictures or images to convey meaning.
  • To interpret visual information, look for:
    • Headings
    • Bold text
    • Key terms
    • Other details in the picture
  • Example of visual information: a food label, which provides information about vitamins and minerals in the food.
  • A food label typically includes:
    • Nutrition Facts
    • Calories
    • Total Fat
    • Carbohydrates
    • Sodium
    • Protein
    • Cholesterol
    • % Daily Value

Oral Information

  • Oral information uses words or conversation to present information.
  • To interpret oral information, listen for:
    • Key words
    • Information that is repeated
    • Tone of voice
    • Main idea
  • Example of oral information: a persuasive speech, such as Suzy's speech about cleaning up the community playground.
  • Key words in Suzy's speech: "filthy", "garbage-filled", "trash", which illustrate the main idea of the need to clean up the playground.

Quantitative Information

  • Quantitative information uses graphs, charts, and timelines to present information about quantities or numbers.
  • To interpret quantitative information, look for:
    • Titles
    • Labels
    • Dates
    • Times
    • Numbers
  • Example of quantitative information: a bar graph showing the number of students who play certain sports.
  • From the graph, we can determine that:
    • About twice as many students play baseball compared to volleyball.
    • Most of the students play basketball or soccer.

Test your knowledge on interpreting food labels to understand the nutritional information of food products. This quiz is inspired by a scenario in a science class where students learn to analyze food labels to make informed dietary choices.

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