International Market Data for Minimum Support Price Action

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What triggered tensions among developing nations, including India?

Agricultural subsidies given by developed countries

Why is India's ability to guarantee MSP somewhat limited according to the text?

Pressure from the WTO on farm subsidies

What is the 'Peace Clause' mentioned in the text?

Legal protection for developing countries' farm subsidies

Why is India fighting for better legal protection for its MSP programme?

Cairns Group's pressure to dismantle the MSP scheme

What allows India to provide high MSP despite WTO regulations?

'Peace Clause' protection

Which group is pressuring India to dismantle or reduce its MSP scheme?

Cairns Group

Explore the implications of minimum support price actions on international market data, as discussed by Das in response to tensions among developing nations regarding agriculture subsidies. Learn about the disparities in subsidies between developing and developed countries under WTO rules.

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