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What does strategic capability refer to?

The company's strengths

What are the three tiers of capabilities?

Leadership, management, and innovation

What are the common attributes of people who lead?

They motivate others to act on their vision

What is the emphasis of management according to the text?

Dealing with or controlling things or people

What distinguishes leaders from managers based on the text?

Leaders create change while managers exercise power over people

What do managers tend to emphasize?

Dealing with or controlling things or people

What is the ability to disseminate information and listen actively called in leadership?


Which skill involves getting people to want to do what you need them to do?


What is keeping a positive attitude regardless of the situation known as?


Which skill involves being open to taking chances and thinking creatively?


What is the skill of listening to your team, stakeholders, advisors, mentors, etc. and taking their opinions seriously called?


Which skill involves not holding too much rigidity and being willing to adapt to change?


What is the ability to communicate what you need to who needs to do it called in management?


Which skill involves planning for the future and setting up for it today in management?

Forward Planning

Which skill involves thinking strategically about the project and the organization in management?

Strategic Thinking

What is the skill of having a keen sense of the business and commercial environment in which one operates called in management?

Commercial Awareness

Test your knowledge about internal resources, capabilities, competences, and strategic capabilities within a company. Explore the tiers of capabilities and the role of leadership and management in sustaining competitive advantage.

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