Integumentary System: Skin Overview

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What is the largest organ in the human body?


What are the two main layers of the dermis?

Papillary layer and reticular layer

What is the function of Meissner corpuscles?

Sensory reception

Which layer of the epidermis is found only in thick skin?

Stratum lucidum

What is the function of melanocytes?

Synthesize melanin and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation

Where do Langerhans cells primarily reside?

Stratum spinosum

What type of cells are Merkel cells and what is their function?

Sensory mechanoreceptors

What is the composition of the stratum corneum?

Flat, dead cells filled with soft keratin

Which layer of the epidermis serves as a site for desmosome attachments to keratin tonofilaments?

Stratum spinosum

Name the layer of the epidermis that consists of cells filled with dense keratohyalin granules and membrane-bound lamellar granules.

Stratum granulosum

Test your knowledge on the general overview of the integumentary system, focusing on the structure and composition of the skin and its derivatives, including the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

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