Information System and Systems Analysis and Design: Chapter 4

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What is the purpose of software?

To convert data into information

What is hardware?

Controlled by software

What are raw, unprocessed facts called?


How does the connectivity to the Internet impact information systems?

Greatly expands the capability and usefulness of information systems

What do computers help organizations do?

Keep records of events

What do information systems support within an organization's structure?

Information flow

What are the different functional areas usually found in organizations?

Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Production

How is management usually divided?

By levels - Top, Middle, and Supervisors

What do different levels of management have?

Different information needs

What is the role of the Internet in information systems?

To provide a way to connect to other people and computers

What is an information system?

A collection of people, procedures, software, hardware, data, and the Internet

What are competent end users required to understand about information systems?

How the information flows through an organization

What are the parts of an information system according to the text?

People, procedures, software, hardware, data, and the Internet

What is overlooked as one of the parts of an information system?


What do personal computers aim to make more productive?


What are the rules or guidelines for people to follow when using software, hardware, and data?


Which class of workers is involved in information systems as a creator of systems and users?

Data workers

What do computers in organizations mainly do?

Keep records of events

Test your knowledge about the parts of an information system, functional view of an organization, management levels, information flow, and computer-based information systems.

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