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What is the primary purpose of the software described in the first text?

Presenting, summarizing, and analyzing data for top management

Which of the following is a common role of an information systems manager according to the text?

Evaluating economic feasibility of alternative systems

What is the purpose of the preliminary investigation in the systems life cycle?

Determining the need for a new information system

What is the main activity involved in systems maintenance according to the text?

Performing periodic evaluations and systems audit

What qualifications are required for a systems analyst according to the text?

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems and technical experience

Which phase of the systems life cycle involves defining alternatives, selecting the best system, and evaluating feasibility?

Systems design

What is the purpose of prototyping and rapid applications development (RAD) according to the text?

Building a model for evaluation and incorporating new technologies quickly

What are the parts of an information system?

People, procedures, software, hardware, data, and the Internet

At what levels in an organization are informational needs present?

Operational, tactical, and strategic

What is the functional view of an organization?

A perspective that describes the different functions within an organization

What does an information system consist of?

People, procedures, software, hardware, data, and the Internet

What are the different types of computer-based information systems?

Transaction processing system, management information system, decision support system, and executive support system

What is the difference between office automation systems and knowledge work systems?

Office automation systems focus on improving office productivity while knowledge work systems focus on supporting human knowledge work

Who are involved in information systems in various capacities?

Creators of information systems, developers of information systems, support for information systems, and users of information systems

What are procedures in relation to an information system?

Rules or guidelines for people to follow when using software, hardware, and data

What is the purpose of a program in the context of software?

To convert data into information

What term is used to describe the equipment that processes data to create information?


What defines the raw, unprocessed facts including text, numbers, images, and sounds?


What is the main purpose of almost all information systems?

To connect to other people and computers using the internet

What is a transaction processing system mainly responsible for?

Recording day-to-day transactions in a database

What is the primary function of a Management Information System (MIS)?

Recording and storing data for decision-makers

What makes Decision Support Systems (DSS) a flexible tool for analyzing data?

It enables managers to get answers to unexpected and generally non-recurring problems

Who primarily uses an Executive Support System?

Top-level management

"Enterprise resource planning (ERP) dashboards" is an example of what type of system?

Management Information System (MIS)

What term is used to describe the purpose of a Management Information System (MIS)?

Provide structured form reports for middle managers

What type of system assists lower-level managers in daily activities and objectives?

Management Information System (MIS)

What distinguishes Decision Support Systems (DSS) from Management Information Systems (MIS)?

MIS assists middle-management control the work

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