Infant Development Milestones

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At what age do studies show infants retain memory of traumatic events?

8 months+

What milestone is typically reached when infants start to feed themselves around 7-9 months?

Indicating food preferences

What is the pharmacokinetic process that involves the study of how drugs enter the body, reach the site of action, are metabolized, and exit the body?


Which term refers to severe negative responses to a medication?

Adverse effects

What is the term for the passage of medication from the site of administration into the blood?


Which type of medication action involves the expected or predictable physiological response to a drug?

Therapeutic effects

What is the study of how drugs enter the body, reach the site of action, are metabolized, and exit the body called?


Which factor affects the absorption of medication into the blood?


What is the term for unpredictable effects caused by a medication?

Idiosyncratic effects

What is a common health concern for adolescents?


In preschoolers, what is a major task of cognitive development according to Piaget's theory?


What is a key psychosocial task for middle adults based on Havighurst's theory?

Assisting teenage children to become more responsible

What is a notable cognitive characteristic of young adults according to the text?

"Logical reasoning enhanced by technology"

According to temperament theory, what makes a 'good fit' for toddlers?

Properties of environment in accord with their capabilities

What is one of the health literacy strategies mentioned in the text for helping young adults act on information?

"Teach back"

In moral development, most adults are at the level of conventional thinking according to whom?


What type of law governs the relations, rights, and obligations among individuals, corporations, and institutions?

Civil law

In criminal law, what must the Crown prove to secure a conviction?

The accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt

Which document codifies rights and freedoms such as freedom of religion and freedom of expression in Canada?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

What principle states that individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a criminal case?

Presumption of Innocence

Which level of government is responsible for making criminal laws in Canada?

Federal government

In the context of criminal proceedings, what is the standard of proof required for conviction?

Beyond a reasonable doubt

Which type of offence includes crimes like murder and manslaughter under Canadian law?

Indictable offences

What principle ensures that all individuals are treated equally under the law regardless of their status or background?

'Equality before the law' principle

What is the average height of a 2-year-old toddler according to the text?

85 cm

At what age does a toddler typically have all 20 primary teeth according to the text?

2.5 years

Which cognitive stage occurs between the ages of 2 to 7 years according to the text?


What type of imitation is a toddler beginning to develop during this stage according to the text?

Deferred imitation

At what age does a toddler typically begin to use short sentences according to the text?

24 months

Which theorist is associated with the concept of 'Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt' in psychosocial development according to the text?

Erik Erikson

Which developmental stage is characterized by egocentrism and centration according to the text?

Preoperational Stage

What type of motor development involves jumping with both feet according to the text?

Gross Motor Development

Explore the key developmental milestones in the first year of an infant's life, including sensory recognition, motor skills development, memory retention, and language acquisition. Learn about the cognitive and emotional progress during this crucial stage.

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