Indus Valley Civilization Overview

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What is the main reason why the Indus Valley civilisation is now better known as the Harappan civilisation?

The civilisation existed beyond the Indus region

Which geographical regions were encompassed by the Harappan civilisation?

Jammu, Punjab, Gujarat, Pakistan

What was the significance of the Great Bath located at Mohenjodaro in the Harappan civilisation?

It served as a place for elaborate rituals

What architectural feature of Harappan towns demonstrated their advanced planning and construction?

Wide streets laid out on a grid plan

Why is the draiñage system of Harappa considered almost unique according to the text?

It showcased the importance given to health and cleanliness by the Harappans

What were the important sites of the Harappan Civilisation?

Mohenjodaro and Chanhudaro in Sindh

What was the staple food of the people in Sindh and Punjab during the Harappan Civilisation?

Wheat and barley

Which materials were known to the Harappans but not iron?

Copper, bronze, silver, gold

Which sites functioned as seaports during the Harappan Civilisation?

Rangpur, Somanath, Balakot

What type of society was the Harappan society known to be?

Urban society with middle class inhabitants

Learn about the ancient Indus Valley civilization, also known as the Harappan civilization, which thrived in modern-day regions including Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, and Pakistan. Explore the spread and key archaeological sites of this ancient civilization.

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