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What are the states in India where rock paintings dating back to the stone ages have been discovered?

Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

Which World Heritage site in India is famous for its rock paintings?


What do rock paintings usually depict?

Human, animal, and geometric figures

What are the natural substances used to make black, red, and white colors in rock paintings?

Natural substances

What can we understand about ancient people from rock paintings?

Their knowledge about natural surroundings and the way they exploited natural resources

Which customs closely resemble the style of rock paintings?

Decorating house walls and courtyards (Rangawali)

What period saw the origin of rock-cut caves in India?

3rd century B.C.E.

Which caves in Maharashtra were declared as World Heritage in 1983?

Ajanta and Verul

When did temple architecture in India start to develop?

4th century C.E.

What is the sanctum sanctorum in a temple called?


Which temple is a magnificent composition of Nagara Style in Verul?

Kailas temple

How are the various styles of temple architecture in India identified?

By the style of the tower (Shikhara)

What are the two principal styles of Indian temple architecture?

Nagara style of North India and Dravida style of South India

What is the style that combines elements of both Nagara and Dravida styles?

Vesara style

Which architectural style in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra has a close resemblance to the Nagara style?

Bhoomija style

What is the highest minaret in the world?

Kutub Minar

What are the temples in Maharashtra built in the 12th-13th centuries known as?

Hemadpanti temples

What is the interesting characteristic of Hemadpanti temples' masonry?

Built without using any mortar, using tenon and mortise joints

Test your knowledge on the different architectural styles of Indian temples, such as the Nagara style of North India, Dravida style of South India, Vesara style, and Bhoomija style found in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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