Impression Management in Cyberspace: Goffman (1959)

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What did Goffman (1959) refer to as 'impression management'?

The process of manipulating one's multi-faceted selves to correspond to the impressions they are trying to make.

According to Goffman's concept, what influences a person's online self-presentation?

Anonymity/Identification, Synchronous/Asynchronous communication, Textual/Visual representation

What are the reasons Leary (1996) proposed for why individuals manage impressions?

To persuade others, create and preserve self-identity, standardize emotional practices

Which platform is mentioned as being devoted to developing and managing impressions?


What does the text imply is the motivation behind realizing an anticipated impression?

Criticality of the impression in relation to goal fulfillment

According to DePaulo et al.'s taxonomy of lies, what are the four main features proposed?

The content of the lie, the reason for the lie, the type of lie, and the referent of the lie

What did Zhao et al. (2008) find regarding behaviors in anonymous and identifiable online environments?

Identity in anonymous environments often aligns closely with offline identity but varies among individuals

What is considered paramount within the area of impression management?

A person's willingness to deceive

How do Social Networking Sites (SNS) users compare to non-users according to research findings?

SNS users tend to have more risk-taking attitudes than non-users

What is one key difference identified by Zhao et al. (2008) between behaviors in anonymous and identifiable online environments?

The degree of alignment between online and offline identities

Explore the concept of impression management as coined by Goffman in 1959, focusing on how individuals manipulate their online personas through verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn about the three basic dimensions affecting impression management in cyberspace.

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