Hydrosphere: Earth's Water Systems

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What percentage of Earth's water is held in polar caps and ice sheets?


If the moisture in the atmosphere disappeared, what impact would it have according to the text?

Life on Earth would not be sustainable

What does hydrology primarily study?

The distribution and circulation of water on Earth

How deep can the hydrosphere be in some parts of the Pacific Ocean according to the text?

9.7 km

What is the approximate percentage of water contained in rivers and lakes on Earth?


What is a major difference in chemical composition between fresh water and salt water?

Fresh water has various chemical elements depending on surrounding soil and rock, while salt water has a high content of sodium chloride.

Why is salt water unsuitable for drinking or farming?

Due to the high content of sodium chloride and other elements present in salt water.

How did the oceans form according to the text?

From the condensation of water vapor in the prehistoric Earth's atmosphere that fell as rain, filling up hollows on the Earth's surface.

What is a notable geographical feature mentioned in the text regarding ocean floors?

Abyssal plains with deep trenches like the Mariana Trench, which is about 10,800 meters below sea level.

What role do ocean currents, tides, and waves play according to the text?

They all contain energy of motion and potential energy that affect various aspects of our daily lives.

What percentage of Earth's water is contained in rivers and lakes according to the text?


How deep can the hydrosphere be in some parts of the Pacific Ocean based on the information provided?

9.7 km

Why is the quantity of water contained in the atmosphere considered vital according to the text?

It protects organisms from dessication

What role do oceans play in the Earth's water supply according to the text?

Contain 97.2% of Earth's water

How does the hydrosphere resemble the atmosphere, based on the information provided?

Both experience pressure changes with depth

What are the primary elements found in salt water according to the text?

Sodium chloride and magnesium

Which of the following statements accurately describes the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean?

It is deeper than Mount Everest is high

What does the text imply about the significance of ocean currents, tides, and waves?

They play a crucial role in international trade and navigation

Why is it mentioned in the text that salt water is unsuitable for drinking or farming?

Due to high sodium chloride content

What contributes to the formation of oceans according to the text?

Filling up vast hollows on Earth's surface by rainwater

Explore the composition and depth of the Earth's water systems, including oceans, lakes, and polar ice caps. Understand how different water bodies contribute to the hydrosphere and their impact on the environment.

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