Human Anatomy NUR 111: Chapter 14 Reproductive System Quiz

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Where does fertilization produce one cell with one set of chromosomes from each parent?

In the ductus deferens

What is the function of the accessory sex glands in the male reproductive system?

Produce materials that support gametes

What is the main function of the scrotum?

Supporting the testes

What is the purpose of the ductus epididymis in the male reproductive system?

Storage and maturation of sperm

Which male reproductive structure contains several supporting structures including the penis?

Ductus deferens

Which muscle is responsible for wrinkling of the skin in the scrotum?

Dartos muscle

What is the main function of the Sertoli cells in the testes?

Support, protect, and provide nutrition to spermatogenic cells

Where does sperm maturation and storage primarily occur?

Ductus epididymis

Which structure is responsible for storing sperm and propelling them toward the urethra during ejaculation?

Ductus (vas) deferens

What is the main function of the male urethra?

Passageway for semen and urine

Test your knowledge of the terminology and concepts related to the reproductive system in human anatomy. Topics include sexual reproduction, fertilization, gonads, ducts, and accessory sex glands.

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