Hospitality and Tourism Marketing - Chapter 1 Quiz

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What are the elements of the Marketing Mix?

Product, Promotion, Price, Distribution

Which of the following is a part of the Promotional Mix?


In the Marketing Environment, what does the term 'Micro' refer to?

The company, competitors, suppliers, intermediaries, customers, publics

Why is Marketing considered more than just a functional area?

Because of the integration throughout the organization

What separates 'Needs' from 'Wants' and 'Demands' in marketing terminology?

'Needs' are basic necessities; 'Wants' are desires for specific products or services; 'Demands' are wants backed by purchasing power.

Services can be stored for later sale or use.


Intangibility in services makes it easy to evaluate the service before the customer experiences it.


Inseparability in services means that the customer is not involved in the service encounter.


Test your knowledge on the basics of marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry. Questions cover topics such as the definition of marketing, reasons for its importance, and the elements of the marketing mix.

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