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Who explored hydrology and hydraulics during the Renaissance period?

Leonardo da Vinci

In which century did the Continuity Principle gain acknowledgment?

17th century

Which country saw early use of rain gauges in the 15th century?


What hindered scientific progress during the Scholastic era according to the text?

Influence of Scholastic era

Who conducted a systematic analysis of flood flows following the Tiber flooding in Rome in 1598?

Giovan Fontana

Which famous individual introduced and justified the continuity equation according to the text?

Leonardo da Vinci

Who first introduced the concept of discharge equation in hydrology?

Benedetto Castelli

Which inventor is known for devising the Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauge?

Sir Christopher Wren

Who calculated the Seine River catchment area rainfall and annual discharge?

Pierre Perrault

Which inventor collaborated with Edmond Halley and Pierre Perrault in hydrological advancements?

Henry de Pitot

Who overcame the limitations of floats in velocity measurements with the invention of the Pitot Tube?

Henry de Pitot

What did Edmé Mariotte use to measure flow velocity?


What is the primary method by which water in the atmosphere returns to the Earth?


Where does evaporation occur according to the text?

Both in sea and land surfaces

What is the process where plants absorb water through the roots and release water vapor through stomata?


What is the primary factor determining the rate of evaporation?


What occurs when water vapor in the atmosphere changes into a liquid state?


Which part of the plant absorbs water for transpiration?


Who developed a complex form of the Chézy equation in the 18th century?

Pierre Lois Georges du Buat

Who proposed the Kutter equation based on Swiss river flow data?

Ganguillet and Kutter

Who noted dimensional non-homogeneity in Kutter's equation?

Robert Manning

Who introduced theoretical aspects of groundwater and formulated the Darcy Law?

Henry Darcy

Who developed and published the Rational Method in the 19th century?

Thomas James Mulvaney

Who derived well discharge equations from Darcy laws?


What is the importance of hydrology in the design of hydraulic structures?

Determining the capacity of water conveyance systems

Which process is NOT a major process of the hydrological cycle?


How does hydrology contribute to climate change adaptation?

By studying changes in precipitation patterns and snowmelt

What does the hydrological cycle describe?

The movement of water between the earth and its atmosphere

Which of the following is NOT a form of water described in the hydrological cycle?


What is evaporation in the context of the hydrological cycle?

Change of state from liquid to gas

Test your knowledge on the significant contributions made by Antoine Chézy and Pierre Lois Georges du Buat in the 18th century, particularly in the development of the Chézy equation and advancements in hydrological progress in the 19th century.

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