The Hydrological Cycle Process

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What is the term used to describe water moving through the soil towards the river?


Which physical factor primarily determines the availability of water in a drainage basin?


In which type of rock does water storage occur due to permeability?

Porous rock

Which factor results in an increase in evaporation rates during summer?

High summer temperatures

Which area receives the most rainfall according to the text?

Equatorial areas

What determines the movement of water through the soil or underlying porous rock, resulting in groundwater storage?


What is the primary source of water for the hydrological cycle?

Saline oceans

Where does water primarily go when it reaches the ground after precipitation?

Percolates the ground to form groundwater

What is the term used for the balance of water that remains on the surface of the Earth?


Which water store has the shortest residence time in the hydrological cycle?

Fossil water

In the hydrological cycle, what is the area of land drained by a river called?

Drainage basin

What process involves precipitation that is intercepted by vegetation and the forest floor?


Learn about the stages of the hydrological cycle, from evaporation to precipitation, groundwater formation, and runoff into bodies of water like lakes and rivers.

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