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Why are there winter floods in the more western regions (Lyz and Cyz) but not in the eastern regions (Lyl and Cy)?

Because of thaw in the western regions which is not common in the east.

How does the physiographical differences in a region affect the river flow regime?

Distinct physiographical differences lead to more homogeneous hydrological conditions in rivers.

Why is it important to perform a detailed hydrological division of a territory according to river regimen?

To account for both zonal conditions and local peculiarities.

How can the Upper Volga region be further divided based on river characteristics?

Into several smaller subregions with more homogeneous hydrological conditions.

What is one effect of natural changes on hydrological regimen mentioned in the text?

Shifts in river flow patterns due to changing climate conditions.

This quiz tests your knowledge on the factors considered when dividing into hydrological regions, including the impact of climatic elements, basin networks, physiographical factors, and economic activities. The division process is based on hydrological observation data obtained at base stations.

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