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What was the role of women in ancient times according to the text?

Care and nurturing of family members

Which Christian value is highlighted as guiding nursing practice?

Self-denial and devotion to duty

What was the main contribution of the Knights during the Crusades?

Built hospitals and provided nursing care

In which civilization were mother-nurses known to work with priests?

Early Civilization

What role did Fabiola play in Roman society?

Provided care and healing for the poor and sick

Who is known as 'The Moses of Her People'?

Harriet Tubman

Which individual transformed military hospitals by setting up sanitation practices?

Florence Nightingale

Who reinstituted the Order of Deaconess in 1836 in Kaiserwerth, Germany?

Theodor Fliedner

During the American Civil War, who worked as a nurse and counselor for the Freedmen's Relief Association?

Dorothea Dix

Which individual volunteered as a nurse to provide care to injured soldiers during wartime?

Clara Barton

Test your knowledge on historical and contemporary nursing practices, including societal influences, professionalization, women's roles, and training. Adapted from lectures by Ms. Cristina Benito at University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi College of Health Sciences.

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