Hinduism: Trimurti and Caste System

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What is the primary source of Judaism?

The Torah

Who are the patriarchs mentioned in the text?

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

What is the record of rabbinic teachings in Judaism called?


What was the aim of Roman education?

To develop civic responsibility for the empire

What was the main aim of Oriental Education as mentioned in the text?

To impress traditional ideas and customs to maintain social order

What were the methods of education according to the Primitive Education?

Imitation and observation, trial and error, enculturation, and indoctrination

Who was the proponent of Individualistic Humanism?

Vittorino da Fettre

What was the aim of Counter-Reformation education?

Religious moralism

Which education conception aimed to develop intellectual capacities and form character?

Formal Discipline

What were the contents of Northern or Social Humanism?

Classical and biblical literature (Religious)

What were the aims of Naturalistic Conception of Education?

To develop the individual in accordance with the laws of human development and preserve the natural goodness of man

What were the contents of Reformation education?

Physical education, Character education, Math, History, Science

What is the aim of Social Experimentalism in education?

To prepare for a progressive rebuilding of the social order

What does philosophy mean, according to its etymology?

The love of wisdom

What is the study of epistemology concerned with?

The study of the nature, origin, and scope of human knowledge

What is metaphysics concerned with?

The study of the nature, meaning, and existence of reality

What is the relationship between philosophy and education, as per the text?

Philosophy yields comprehensive understanding of reality while education provides data for philosophical judgments

What did Socrates believe about knowledge?

Knowledge is the basis of all right actions including the art of living

What did Aristotle emphasize as the end of education?

Union of innate intellect and will expressed in action

Which branch of philosophy deals with the nature of beauty?


What does Education aim to do, according to the text?

Acquire general knowledge through a schematic learning process

'What obligations do teachers have towards their students?' falls under which branch of philosophy?

Axiology or Ethics

What is the primary concern of Politics in philosophy?

Government and nations

What is education's aim in relation to vocational skills?

To focus solely on vocational skills and neglect general knowledge

In the philosophy of Realism, where is knowledge derived from?


What is the main aim of education according to Progressivism philosophy?

Providing necessary skills to interact with the ever-changing environment

What is the focus of the Humanism philosophy?

Rejecting supernaturalism

What does the Existentialism philosophy encourage students to do?

Aid in knowing themselves

According to Essentialism philosophy, what are essential for the acquisition of higher or more complex skills needed in preparation for adult life?

Basic knowledge, skills, and values

What is the focus of the Utilitarianism philosophy?

Producing students who fit into society at an elite level

What is the principle of Social Reconstructionism philosophy?

Schools take the lead in addressing social problems and improving society

"Education should be child-centered" is a principle related to which educational philosophy?


What does Social Reconstructionism philosophy focus on improving in society?

Social inequalities

What does Behaviorism philosophy focus on cultivating?

Behaviors beneficial to society

Which educational philosophy believes in the importance of the spiritual nature of man and stresses the human spirit, soul, or mind?


What is the main focus of education according to Realism?


Which teaching method is emphasized by Pragmatism for enhancing the potentials of the student?

Project method

What is the aim of education in Essentialism?

To develop minds that can think critically

What does Idealism believe knowledge is independent of?

Sense perception

Which role does a Realism teacher serve according to the text?

Serves as a guide or demonstrator with full mastery of knowledge

What is the content focus in Pragmatism philosophy?

Practical and utilitarian subjects

What is emphasized in Essentialism according to the text?

Transmitting knowledge

What does Pragmatism believe is constantly changing?


What teaching method does Realism emphasize according to the text?

Demonstrations and sensory experiences

What role does a teacher play in Idealism according to the text?

Acts as an excellent example/role model for students

What does Pragmatism believe is the main focus in education?


According to Confucius, which of the following is emphasized for promoting peace and order?

Development of moral and ethical principles

What did Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel propose as a means of education for children?


According to John Locke, what did he emphasize in the education of pupils?

Tabular Rasa: 'A child is born with a blank mind neither good nor bad.'

What was Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi's emphasis in education?

Education should be in accordance with the laws of natural growth and development of the child

According to Herbert Spencer, what did he emphasize as best for the development of power?

'Knowledge acquired that is best for use in life'

What was John Dewey's view on education?

'Education is growth and a continuous reconstruction of experience'

Plato stressed the importance of what in education?

'Every individual should devote his life to what is best fitted for him to do'

What was Comenius an advocate for in education?

'Development of the whole man before he becomes professional'

What did Johann Friedrich Herbart emphasize in learning?

'Learning should lead to character formation'

What was Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel's emphasis in the kindergarten system?

'Self-activity as means of development'

According to Confucius, what is the 'Golden rule'?

'One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself'

What was John Dewey's view on the center of education?

'The school is primarily a social institution.'

What is the triad of chief gods in Hinduism known as?


Which class in the caste system of Hinduism includes the priests?

Brahmins or Brahmans

What is the place of unending happiness and bliss in Hinduism known as?


Which collection is the most sacred of all Hindu scriptures?

Rig Veda

Who founded Buddhism?

Siddhartha Gautama

What are the core teachings that are fundamental to Buddhism?

The Three Universal Truths and the Four Noble Truths

According to Buddhism, what is the noble truth of suffering called?


Which book contains the ethical teaching of Confucianism known as The Five Virtues?


Test your knowledge about Hinduism, the world's oldest religion, with a focus on the Trimurti - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, along with the caste system. Explore the beliefs, practices, and key aspects of Hinduism in this quiz.

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