Hindu Deities and Trimurti in Hinduism

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What is the Hindu concept that refers to the religious and moral laws governing people's actions and lives?


Which Hindu god is credited with the power to sustain or preserve the universe?


Who is the goddess of knowledge and consort of Brahma?


Which god in Hinduism is known as the god of destruction?


What term is used to refer to the numerous gods and goddesses in Hinduism?


What does the concept of Brahman represent in Hinduism?

Oneness in all entities

What is the primary duty of a Hindu according to the text?

Devote life to achieving union with Brahman

What stage of a Hindu's life involves raising a family, supporting it, and practicing contemplation?

Second stage

Who is responsible for teaching a Hindu about the sacred texts and correct meditation practices?

Brahmin (Hindu priest)

What is the main goal of a Hindu's life in terms of liberation?

Achieving union with Brahman

Who is considered to have the most knowledge of the Vedas and is the social spiritual elite class?


What is the second stage in a Hindu's life according to the text?

Formal education in Hindu faith

What is an 'Avatar' in Hinduism?

An incarnation of a Hindu deity on earth in various forms, including animals and human beings

What does the concept of 'Moksha' represent in Hinduism?

The ultimate liberation of the soul, marking the end of the cycle of birth and rebirth

What is 'Dharma' in Hinduism usually associated with?

A code of conduct and morality to be followed by Hindus

Which classification system does the sacred text of Hinduism belong to?

Shruti and Smriti

Which Hindu scripture is considered the oldest and most important?


'Karma' in Hinduism is primarily associated with which concept?

Law of cause and effect

Explore the diverse world of Hindu deities, including gods and goddesses, and the significance of Trimurti in Hinduism. Learn about the interconnectedness of these deities and their roles in maintaining balance in the universe.

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