Henry II, Common Law, and Magna Carta Quiz

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What event made Matilda the sole legitimate heir to Henry I?

Who was commanded by Henry I to accept Matilda as his successor?

What was the learning objective related to in the text?

What is the Essential Question related to in the text?

Who did Matilda marry in 1128?

Who ascended the throne in 1154 after winning the civil war?

What legal systems did Henry II create to centralize the law in England?

What was the jury system that Henry II introduced to investigate criminal cases?

Who was the wife of Henry II and Louis VII of France?

Who was the mother of Richard I (the Lionheart) and John?

What legal concept do Common Law in England and Constitutional law in the United States rely on?

During which king's reign was the Magna Carta created?

Where was the Magna Carta created in 1215?

In what period did England's first distinct legislative institution emerge?


Test your knowledge about the rule of Henry II, the development of Common Law, and the significance of Magna Carta in English legal history. The quiz covers essential questions, academic vocabulary, and learning objectives related to this historical period.

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