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What is the main function of red cells?

To return carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs

Which molecule is the dominant haemoglobin in blood after the age of 3–6 months?

Hb A

How many polypeptide chains are there in a molecule of normal adult haemoglobin A (Hb A)?


Which enzyme is the key rate‐limiting enzyme for haem synthesis?

$ ext{δ‐aminolaevulinic acid}$ (ALA) synthase

Which coenzyme is required for the synthesis of haem?

$ ext{Pyridoxal phosphate}$ (vitamin B6)

What combines with iron to form haem?

$ ext{Protoporphyrin}$

Which variant form of normal hemoglobin contains sulfur?

$ ext{Sulfhemoglobin}$

What is the main function of variant forms of normal hemoglobin?

$ ext{To cause tissue damage}$

Test your knowledge on hemoglobin synthesis and its main function in red blood cells. Understand the structure of normal adult hemoglobin A and its role in gaseous exchange within the body.

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