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How does avoiding tobacco products impact respiratory health?

Maintains lung function and lessens airway inflammation

What is a consequence of excessive alcohol consumption on liver health?

Promotes liver damage, inflammation, and scarring

How does excessive alcohol use affect the risk of cardiovascular diseases?

Raises the risk of hypertension, cardiomyopathy, and stroke

What impact does alcohol consumption have on sleep quality?

Worsens sleep quality and promotes insomnia

How does avoiding alcohol contribute to liver health?

Prevents liver damage, inflammation, and scarring

Which lifestyle choice helps in reducing the risk of pneumonia?

Avoiding tobacco products

What is a known consequence of excessive alcohol consumption on the respiratory system?

Increased chance of COPD

How does moderate alcohol consumption affect cardiovascular health?

Lowers blood pressure and reduces stroke risk

What health benefit is associated with drinking less alcohol?

Encourages longer, higher-quality sleep

What is a potential consequence of excessive drinking on liver health?

Increases chances of fatty liver disease

Test your knowledge on the relationship between healthy lifestyle practices and noncommunicable diseases. Learn how lifestyle factors can impact the development, course, and treatment of NCDs, and discover ways to improve your overall health and well-being.

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