Health Promotion Planning Models

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Which of the following is a key question that a plan should answer?

What is the first step in planning a program according to the text?

What is the purpose of evaluation in planning?

Which type of planning focuses on identifying needs and priorities?

What does setting objectives involve in planning a program?

What is the purpose of setting aims in planning a program?

Which step involves identifying the best way of achieving aims from a variety of possible ways?

What does 'evaluation should be an integral part of your overall plan' mean?

What do all planning processes result in according to the text?

Which question guides the process of planning by asking about identifying needs and priorities?

What is the overall purpose of systematic planning?

Who are considered as stakeholders in the context of planning?

What does planning involve?

Why is involving all major stakeholders important in planning?

What is the role of data gathering in the planning process?

Why is planning helpful when operating in an environment of limited resources?


This quiz covers the main elements of Health Promotion Planning Models, including common steps such as planning, implementation, and evaluation. It also introduces the purpose and types of planning in systematic health promotion.

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