Working with Minors and Special Populations

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What strategy is recommended when directing visually impaired clients in a telehealth session?

Why is it essential to have a consistent path for visually impaired clients in a telehealth setting?

What should practitioners consider when providing telepsychology services to child cases?

Which factor may amplify barriers for underserved clients who have a disability?

In a clinical setting, what principle should be kept in mind when interacting with visually impaired clients?

What is one way to help build the therapeutic alliance when working with individuals with disabilities?

Which technology can be used to allow deaf or hard of hearing patients to communicate via videoconferencing?

Why is it important to have needed materials in the same place every time when working with disabled clients?

What is a common challenge faced by individuals with disabilities in society and healthcare systems?

Which term refers to devices or equipment that can improve a patient’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and enhance their communication abilities?

What is the recommended approach when communicating with individuals who are hard of hearing?

When working with individuals with physical disabilities, what is the focus of providing accommodations?

In clinical settings, why is it crucial to consider accommodations for individuals with disabilities?

What is a common misconception to avoid when interacting with underserved populations?

How should you address individuals with disabilities based on the provided text?

What is a recommended tool for establishing rapport with a child during telehealth sessions?

How should practitioners approach engaging young children in telehealth sessions?

What is an accommodation that might be necessary for a child without reliable internet during telehealth services?

Which factor should be considered for children with disabilities during telehealth treatments?

Why is it important to be aware of the potential for child abuse and neglect during telehealth services?

What is a recommended strategy when adjusting your voice for hard of hearing clients?

Which accommodation is suggested for physical disabilities in a telehealth setting?

What should be considered for clinical settings providing telehealth to underserved populations?

When using telehealth equipment, what should be considered for individuals with fine motor control and dexterity issues?

In a telehealth setting, why is velcroing needed materials to the desk recommended?


Learn about guiding principles in counseling for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, focusing on descriptiveness, avoiding psychojargon, routineness, and consistency. Enhance your skills in creating a therapeutic alliance and accommodating individuals with IDD.

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