Greek Philosophy and Thinking Perspectives Quiz

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What is the meaning of the Greek word Philos?


What is the meaning of the Greek word Sophia?


What is the perspective that considers large-scale patterns in system and seeing the whole and not the part?

Holistic Thinking

What is the perspective that focuses on specific aspect of a situation and seeing only the part and not the whole?

Small Thinking

What is the study or discipline that uses human reason to investigate the ultimate causes, reasons and principles which govern all things?


What is the action wherein a person examines his thoughts, feelings and actions and to learn more about one's life and experience?


What is the English term of the word 'pagkamangha' and we can easily notice it in a child's attitude?


What is the starting point of philosophizing wherein the person asks important questions in life?


What is the person who engages in Philosophizing?


Test your knowledge of Greek words related to philosophy and different thinking perspectives with this quiz.

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