Glycosidic Bonding in Disaccharides

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Which carbon of glucose is connected to the 2 carbon of fructose in a sucrose molecule?


What is the most common disaccharide known as table sugar composed of?

Glucose and fructose

Which disaccharide is naturally found in milk and consists of glucose and galactose?


What does a glycosidic bond connect in a disaccharide?

Two glucose molecules

What is the main reason for lactose intolerance in many adults?

Lack of lactase enzyme

Which of the following is NOT a major example of a polysaccharide?


What defines the molecular weight of a polysaccharide?

$100,000 daltons or more

Understand how carbon atoms in monosaccharides are numbered to determine glycosidic bonding in disaccharides like sucrose. Learn about common disaccharides such as lactose and how they are formed.

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