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What is the primary site where Type I oxidative deamination occurs?

Liver & Kidney (Mitochondria)

Which molecule is produced as a result of Type I oxidative deamination of Glutamate?


How is L-Glutamate dehydrogenase regulated in terms of energy levels?

Allosterically inhibited by low energy (ADP)

What drives the reaction towards Glutamate synthesis in Type I oxidative deamination?

High ammonia levels

Which amino acid undergoes rapid oxidative deamination due to its central role in nitrogen metabolism?


What type of reaction is Type II oxidative deamination, in terms of reversibility?

Irreversible reaction

What is the function of mitochondrial glutamine synthetase in the body?

To synthesize glutamine by combining ammonia with glutamate

Which enzyme releases ammonia from glutamine in the mitochondria?


What role does liver-type glutaminase play in response to high protein intake?

Converts ammonia to urea in the liver

How is glutamine synthesized in the process involving ATP and ADP?

By phosphorylating glutamate with ATP

What outcome results from a rare deficiency in neonate glutamine synthetase?

Multi-organ failure

Which enzyme is analogized to glutaminase for a similar reaction catalyzed by L-Asparaginase?


What is the process of removal of an amino group in the form of free ammonia known as?


Which type of deamination involves oxidation by removal of hydrogen?

Oxidative deamination

Which enzyme catalyzes Type I Oxidative Deamination using glutamate as a substrate?

Glutamate Dehydrogenase

In Type I Oxidative Deamination, what coenzyme can Glutamate Dehydrogenase use for the deamination reaction?


What is the source of nitrogen in hepatic urea synthesis provided by the process of deamination?

-Amino group in the form of free ammonia

Why is NAD+ used in oxidative deamination and NADPH used in reductive amination?

NAD+ promotes oxidation reactions, while NADPH promotes reduction reactions.

Test your knowledge on Glutamate Dehydrogenase, an enzyme primarily found in the liver and kidney, involved in the conversion of glutamate to α-ketoglutarate. Learn about its regulation by energy levels and its role in oxidative deamination reactions.

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