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What does interactive media allow people to do?

Connect with others or organizations and be active participants in the media they consume.

How does interactive media impact learning according to the text?

Provides immediate feedback and personalized learning experiences.

Which of the following is an example of non-interactive media?


What is the significance of interactive media in education?

Encourages students to be more active and collaborative in their learning experiences.

What distinguishes interactive media from non-interactive media?

The level of control users have over the content

How are television and radio classified in terms of interactivity according to the text?

Forms of non-interactive media

What is a key aspect of personalized learning opportunities mentioned in the text?

Incorporating adaptive and self-paced learning tools

What is the primary focus when selecting technology tools for lesson planning?

Aligning with learning goals

How can technology be used to cater to diverse learning styles?

Incorporating a variety of digital tools and strategies

Which of the following is NOT a digital platform mentioned in the text for lesson planning?


Which tool is specifically recommended for auditory learners in the text?

Audio books

What should be the driving force behind the selection of technology tools for lesson planning?

Enhancing student engagement

What is one implication of the digital divide mentioned in the text?

Lower academic performances due to lacking resources

Why are rural communities often at a disadvantage when it comes to technology access?

They lack the proper infrastructure for broadband services

How do computers and the Internet contribute to economic inequality according to the text?

By providing improved education and potential for higher wages

Which factor is key to bridging the digital divide as suggested in the text?

Investing in digital education

What is one way mentioned to reduce the digital divide?

Devise locally appropriate solutions

Why are low-income families particularly affected by the digital divide in education?

They are disadvantaged by reduced access to technology

What is one of the benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom?

Enhancing engagement, accessibility, and the overall learning experience

Why is it important to align tech-rich experiences with curriculum standards?

To ensure that technology is integrated effectively and enhances the learning experience for all students

What is a key aspect of designing tech-inclusive lesson plans?

Promoting differentiation and personalized learning

How does incorporating technology enhance learning outcomes?

By creating a more engaging, interactive, and effective learning environment

What is one of the reasons for engaging the digital generation through technology integration?

Developing 21st-century skills like critical thinking and digital literacy

Why are 21st-century skills like creativity and problem-solving highly valued in today's society and job market?

They better prepare individuals for success in the digital age

What are some potential challenges of using technology for assessment mentioned in the text?

Exacerbation of digital divide and inequity

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a challenge of using technology for assessment?

Facilitation of training and preparation

What is one of the learning outcomes mentioned at the end of the unit?

Discussing the digital divide and its implications for education

How does the text describe the role of technology in assessment and feedback?

Plays a transformative role in assessment and feedback

What are some ethical concerns related to using technology for assessment?

Privacy, security, and data ownership issues

How does technology in assessment relate to the digital divide according to the text?

It can exacerbate the digital divide and create inequity

Explore the concept of the global digital divide and its impact on access to technology, education, and economic opportunities. Learn about how limited access to computers and the Internet can lead to inequality in wages and opportunities, especially in rural communities lacking proper infrastructure.

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