Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga

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What is the main theme of the Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga?


What is the significance of the lanterns in the Giant Lantern Festival competition?

They must be over 15 feet in diameter

Why is the Dinagyang Festival celebrated in Iloilo?

To mark the arrival of Malay settlers

In addition to street dancing, what other activities can be experienced at the Dinagyang Festival?

A parade of folkloric scenarios

What is a highlight of the Giant Lantern Festival before Christmas?

A competition for the largest lantern

Which Filipino festival celebrates the patron saint of farmers for a good harvest?

Pahiyas Festival

What are Kiplings in Filipino culture?

Traditional leaf-shaped wafers made with glutinous rice

Which festival is known for locals putting on smiling masks despite hardships?

Masskara Festival

What is the meaning behind the name 'Kadayawan' for the festival in Davao?

'Good, valuable, and superior'

What unique contest is hosted during the Masskara Festival?

Chasing after a pig

Learn about the Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga, Philippines, which celebrates Christmas with giant lanterns lighting up San Fernando City. Explore the tradition of making these lanterns and the competition for the largest lantern in the city.

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