Geography of Ancient Greece 4.2

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What was the main environmental factor that limited the population of ancient Greece?

Why was Greece never able to support a large population?

What influenced the outdoor lifestyle of many Greek citizens in ancient times?

What factors may have motivated the Greeks to seek new sites for colonies?

According to legend, why did the Greek army besiege and destroy Troy?

Where is Troy located in present-day?

Who told the story of the Trojan War in his epic poem, the Iliad?

Which civilization did the Mycenaeans adapt the writing system from?

What event contributed to the collapse of Mycenaean civilization?

During the Dorian Age, what important aspect of Greek society was temporarily lost?

What is the primary reason that little is known about the period of Greek history between 1150 and 750 BC?

What impact did the Dorians have on the Greek economy and trade?

During the Dorian Age, what important skill did the Greeks appear to have lost temporarily?

What are the main challenges faced by historians in understanding the period of Greek history between 1150 and 750 BC?


Explore the geographical features of Ancient Greece and how they influenced Greek traditions and customs. Understand how the mountainous peninsula and the surrounding seas shaped the civilization of this ancient region.

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